How to Make Money Online with SEO in 2022 (7 Legit Ways)

Today, I’d like to share with you some ideas for make money online with SEO or Search Engine Optimization, as it’s more often known. It’s also a part of Digital Marketing.

This is geared for folks who have some SEO knowledge and expertise, but not a lot. You know what it is and how to go about doing it. Your SEO efforts may even be bringing in some additional cash.

But you’re not a well-known expert with people pounding on your door and flinging thousands of dollars at you every month. You also don’t have a vast network of highly-rated websites bringing in a sizable monthly income. You, on the other hand, are an expert when compared to the general public. You can make a lot of money with such abilities.

The biggest issue with SEO is that it takes a long time. You must first choose a niche, conduct keyword research, create a website, publish content, monetize it, obtain links, and so on. Furthermore, you must wait for the rankings to be released, which can take months or even years in certain instances. Then it’s time to start all over again. And the money you make from each site isn’t always a lot. As a result, earning enough money to live on takes a long time. It’s worth it in the long term, but if you need money now, it might stifle your development and make you feel like you’ll never go anywhere.

So, what you’re looking for are some quick ways to make money while you concentrate on your long-term SEO plan, and that’s precisely what this post is about!

Most people believe that search engine optimization (SEO) is a lucrative pastime, but I’ve found that most individuals don’t know how to generate money with SEO.
What most people imagine is that you choose a profitable term, achieve high ranks, attract a large number of visitors, and then offer them whatever they’re looking for.
However, there are two major difficulties with this strategy. To begin with, all of your rivals are focusing on the same profitable keywords, and there is only one #1 slot available. Second, most consumers who search online do not do so with the intention of making a purchase right away. As a result, anybody who focuses just on those instant-buy keywords will miss out on the vast majority of searches and, as a result, money.
SEO, on the other hand, remains a viable industry for anybody looking to make money online. And if you grasp how to generate money using SEO, you’ll have a greater understanding of how this massive web engine operates.


How To Make Money With SEO: The Table Of Contents

  1. Sell Directly
  2. Create a Mailing List
  3. Boost Your Credibility
  4. Helping with SEO consulting or copywriting
  5. Helping other entrepreneurs with SEO
  6. Advertisement Revenue
  7. Programs for Affiliates

make money online with SEO

1. The First Way to Make Money With SEO Is to Sell Directly:

This is the most basic method of profiting from SEO. You get a high ranking for a term that people are searching for. If you succeed in doing so, customers who go on to your website will immediately spend their money. What I mentioned above is the flaw with this method. Because this is the low-hanging fruit of search engine optimization, most entrepreneurs attempt to employ it. As a result, these keywords have the most competition, making ranking incredibly challenging.

Not to mention the fact that the majority of internet searches do not include these terms. So, if you solely use this strategy to monetize SEO, you’ll not only have a low chance of ranking at all, but you’ll also lose out on the vast majority of opportunities to draw traffic to your site.


2. Build An Email List To Make Money With SEO:

This, I believe, is the finest long-term strategy for making money with SEO. You create a “authority site,” which includes every potential keyword in your sector. It will be simpler to rank in general this manner, and you will receive traffic for hundreds of keywords. Then you must be patient and refrain from directly selling to them, as they are mostly looking for information.
Popups, on the other hand, can help you subscribe to as many as 3-6 percent of your visitors. Then, as a second step, create an email sequence and begin sending out emails on a regular basis, with the goal of selling from those emails.

You can reach hundreds, if not millions, of individuals if you learn to target thousands of keywords in a niche. Remember, it’s the people, not Google or any other internet system, that gives you the money. The most difficult challenge is always figuring out how to contact a sufficient number of individuals. Making money once you’ve attracted a large crowd is far easier than most people believe.


3. 3rd Way to Make Money With SEO: Establish Credibility:

Most business owners would never consider this. SEO is one of the most effective methods for establishing a reputation on the internet. The best aspect is that you don’t even need to get people to visit your website!
Consider the possibilities! For most individuals, search engines are like gigantic truth-tellers. If someone is on the first page, all they have to do is be an authority on the subject.
People will notice your brand name on Google or any other search engine even if they don’t click through to your website. And this helps to establish trust, making it simpler to sell later. Clients have told me that they chose to purchase my online marketing courses after seeing my name crop up in a number of related searches.


4. Make Money With SEO: Copywriting Or SEO Consulting:

Even if you don’t believe this is the right fit for you, you never know. Once you’ve mastered SEO, you might wish to market yourself as an expert. Companies are eager to pay a large sum of money for anyone who can help them rank higher in search engines, thus this is a terrific method to make money with SEO.

If you have a fantastic mentor, you may get to the point where you’re really working as an SEO expert for other organizations in a matter of months. You might also simply write SEO articles. This is considerably easier to master, even from an online SEO copywriting school, and you can start charging for your services right away. Upwork and Fiverr are two outsourcing platforms where you may find jobs.


5. Make Money With SEO: Assisting Other Business Owners:

You can still generate money with your SEO skills even if you don’t want to become an SEO specialist. Your other entrepreneurs will be ready to learn from you once you figure out how to obtain better results and start ranking in search engines. Yes, you may charge for something even if it isn’t your primary source of income.

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6. Ad Revenue is on the list of ways to make money with SEO:

Ad income from ad programs (such as AdSense and is a terrific method to make money from your SEO expertise. This can be used as a major source of income or as a secondary (or third…) source of revenue.

Even if it’s only a few hundred bucks per month, keep in mind that this is completely passive revenue. You put in a single effort by creating a website, generating the content, and optimizing it for search engines, and then you watch the ad income roll in month after month.

For additional details, please see my post How to Make Money Blogging.


7. Affiliate Programs are a great way to make money with SEO:

SEO may be monetized through affiliate networks in a similar way to ad income, but with higher profit margins. If you can use SEO to establish a dedicated readership, then combine that with #2 – creating an email list – and joining an affiliate network to sell other people’s products or services, you’ll have a decent source of money.

Here are a few amazing affiliate opportunities to join if you want to make money with SEO: Amazon Associates, CJ, Shareasale, The Home Depot, ClickBank.



You have a big trump card at your disposal if all else fails. Simply tell your clients that for a significant charge (something like $2.2 million* should suffice, but make sure they understand this is an investment in their future! ), you will personally contact Google and request that your client’s site be indexed and ranked #1 for every phrase they want to rank for. Every time, clients fall for it. It’s finished!
Now is the time to open that Swiss bank account, since you’re almost done! That concludes our discussion. Follow the procedures given above and you’ll be good to go! If you want to be one of the chosen few who can say they became a billionaire due of SEO, just follow the steps outlined above. While receiving the benefits, you may comfortably contribute to everything that is incorrect and misunderstood about SEO. What could be more perfect!?
Next time, I’ll teach you how to make a TON of money using affiliate marketing! By taking advantage of people’s anxieties and utilizing false bank account screen images, you’ll have a lot of fun and make a lot of money. MOVE OVER, acai berry! The tears of small children are the true treatment for cancer! *wink, wink* I’m giving away my HIGHLY profitable secrets much too soon.

*Simply take $30 instead of $2.2 million if the client can only pay $30. All of this will add to the appearance that you care about them.

(Unfortunately, this humorous post isn’t too unlike a tactic utilized by many “SEOs” to make a full-time job in this field.) Run for your life if you are ever contacted by someone providing the “services” listed above. That’s all there is to it.)

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